Sri Lanka Fish Shipment

3 Aug 2010
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cape town
Hi Reefer's,

Our New Shipment from Sri Lanka lands Today

We offer our Reefer's a 14 day life gaurantee on the purchase of any Marine Fish-(T&C"S apply)

50% cash back return on a cash purchase.

Below is a list of the Marine fish we will be receiving as well as a list of stock from our previous shipment from Bali.

New Sri Lanka Shipment StockList:
1x Smooth-headed Unicorn Fish -Neso lituratus<MED> R380
1x Triangular Tail Neso- Neso lopezi (MD) R1000 14CM
1x Blackfinned Trigger Fish -Melichthys indicus <LG> R450
2x Red Tailed Blenny -Escenius bicolor- R120
1x Longsnouted Butterfly -Forcipiger longirostris (LG) R450
1x Coris Africana -Coris gaimardi <LG> R250
1x False Clown Wrasse -Coris formosa <AD> R350
4x Blue Cleaner Wrasse -Labroides dimidiatus R110
1x Snowflake Moray Eel -Echidna nebulosa <LG> R290
1x Blue Finned Angelfish -Centropyge multispinnis(ML) R460
2x Emperor Angelfish Pomocanthus imperator<AD> R1200
4x Black Nemo Clown [Grade A] -Amphiprion ocellaris [5-6 CM] [Captive Bred] R450
3x Picasso Clown Grade A -Amphiprion percula 1.3-1.5" R800
4x White Tail Clown Fish [CB] -Amphiprion Sp 1.5-1.8" R250
10x Red Coral Perch -Anthias squamipinnis FEMALE R120
4x Red Coral Perch -Anthias squamipinnis MALE R160
1x Moorish Idol -Zanclus cornutus(MD) R650
10x Peppermint Shrimps -Lysmata wurdemanni [2.5 CM] R80
1x Yellow Sand Anemone Orange Base -Actinia eyuina R250
1x Red Beadlet Anemone -Actinia eyuina R90
1x Carpet Anemone White -Stoichactis S R380
2x Orang Star Fish ( LG ) -Fromia Monilis R240
2x Red Star Fish ( LG ) -Fromia monilis R220
1x Sohal Tang -Acanthurus sohal < 4"> R1800 12CM
1x Arabian Angel Fish -Pomocanthus asfar < 3 " > R160010CM

Bali Shipment Stock:
Unicorn Tang
ocelaris clown
percula clownfish
blue leg hermitt crabs
sea hare algea slugs
turbo snails(pyramid-med)
yellow tang
male blue-line anthias
flourescent blue carpet anenome
brown toadstool
orange starfish
fighting conches-(s/m)
golden hawkfish
social fairy wrasse
nerita large snail
Coco Worm (Hard Tube) Red / White
Special Mix Colour Mushroom
Star Polyps - White
Star Polyps - Blue
Colonial Polyps - Asstd Colors
Seafan - White
Color Gorgonia Purple polyps
Cauliflower Orange
Cauliflower Red
Cauliflower Purple
Softcoral White
Broccoli Coral - Red/Purple
Strawberry Coral - Orange/Red
Branch Xenia - Blue
Wild Acropora Color - Special
Club Flowerpot Coral
Swollen Brain Coral Colour (Red)
Modern Coral Clear Red
Hammer Coral - Orange (M)
Torch Coral
Galaxi Star Coral - neon Color
Green Metalic Flowerpot Coral (Oval)
Purple Flower Pot Coral 2 Color Center
Red Lobed Brain Coral - Branch
Encrusting Montipora - Color
White Bubble Coral - (S/M)
Yellow Bubble Coral - (M)
Blue Bubble Coral (M)
Birdnest Coral Pink
Birdnest Coral Yellow
Sun Coral Red/Yellow
Organ Pipe Coral
Open Brain - Red (Round) - S

Every weekend we resize any corals of your choice!!!
Good deals made face to face..:thumbup:

Trading Hours are as follows:
Tues - Fri 10pm - 6pm
Sat - Sun 10pm - 3pm

We are situated in Montague Gardens,
Montague Drive the first right turn into 1st Street.

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9 Feb 2011
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Amphiprion percula 1.3-1.5" Picasso Clown Grade A

Pics please and price?
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