Sri-Lanka Fish & Inverts received

Discussion in 'Aquatic Vision' started by Rayhaan, 23 Oct 2015.

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    28 Nov 2011
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    Hi Guys

    We've received a really nice shipment of healthy stock from Sri-Lanka selling at our normal low prices as follows:

    Blue (Powder Blue) Tang - R435.00ea
    Epaulette Surgeon - R229.00ea
    Ebili Surgeon - R239.00ea
    Scopas Tang - R215.00ea
    Chocolate Surgeon - R345.00
    Clown Surgeon - R229.00ea
    Emperor Angel (juv) - R495.00ea
    Cream Angel - R195.00ea
    matara Wrasse - R129.00ea
    Cleaner Wrasse - R95.00ea
    Social Fairy Wrasse - R195.00ea
    Golden Wrasse - R129.00ea
    Clark's Clownfish - R105.00ea
    White (Smith's) Goby - R95.00ea
    Tiger Goby - R195.00ea
    Dragon Goby - R95.00ea
    Leopard Goby - R95.00ea
    Red tailed Blenny - R115.00ea
    Scorpian Blenny - R149.00ea
    Redtooth Trigger - R195.00ea
    Spotted Trigger - R129.00ea
    Undulatus Trigger - R215.00ea
    Long Tentacle Anemones - R295.00ea
    Sea Lillies (feather stars) - R65.00ea
    Cleaner Shrimps - R235.00ea
    Tiger Shrimps - R139.00ea
    Anemone Crabs - R79.00ea
    Orange spot Nudibranches - R59.00ea
    Dancing Shrimps - R69.00ea

    Don't wait and be disappointed as at these prices they should sell very quickly!!


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  3. Rayhaan

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    28 Nov 2011
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    Cape Town
    Hi Guys

    For those of you asking where we are situated the following will help.

    Shop 16-19, Paradys Park (shopping centre), Cnr Frans Conradie Drive & Paradys Road, Brackenfell, Cape Town.
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