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    The timer on the Marineland’s website has not yet run out but we’ve already snuck a couple pics of new LED lights and packaging on display at Marineland’s booth at Global Pet Expo. Our in-situ blurrycam operator has revealed at least two new features of the popular Marineland LED striplights. One of the new Marineland LED fixtures appears to be a Reef Capable LED with a tiny built-in timer on the edge that allows for programming of blue and white LED channels and the other light is sporting LEDs of the RGB variety.*


    Another picture shows the wrapper for a warm-colored RGB LED striplight, also with a built in timer with a 6500K color spectrum aimed at freshwater planted tanks – it uses white and RGB LEDs but we don’t expect color control to be available, at least not yet. We know that the new timered*Reef Capable LED striplight will replace the old version with a slight bump in price, but we have no idea why the timer on the packaging is set to 4:20, anybody know?? If you’re in Orlando for the Global Pet Expo this weekend, do stop by the Marineland booth and let us knwo how these lights look.
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