SPS Tips receding/bleaching ?

25 Sep 2008
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Prague, Czech Republic
I've had various small SPS frags in my Nano since Feb this year.
Over the past 3 weeks I have noticed one particular Acro frag which looks as though the tips are receding/bleaching ( See pic on left hand side ). Sorry, the photos are poor. Taken from my cellphone. The particular frag still shows healthy polyp extension further down and is even starting to colour up a bit at the base. The frag is high up in the tank, approx 15cm below the LED light.

Parameters as follows:

pH : 8.2-8.4 during the day, 7.9-8.05 during the night
Ca: In excess of 500ppm
Mg: 1500ppm
Alk: 9-10 dKH
Salinity: 1.025
Temp: 25-26 deg C
Lighting: LED (Zetlight ZA1201)


There is still a fair amount of algae growth in the tank. Had an outbreak about a month ago, but it appears to be receding.

All other Acro's & Pocci's are happy and growing. ( See pics below)




What am I missing ?
Looks like a growth tip to me.

Especially if your other sps are thriving

Don't think so Taahir. The pics are very poor, but the tip looks more like dead coral and is white. The skeleton is visible on approx 0.5 cm. I would expect growth tips to resemble those of my hairy Acro frag in the pictures ( Sorry, I'm terrible with scientific names :p )
if it is dead algae should take hold there very soon and confirm

Mhmm.... something I haven't checked for a while:022:
The tank is very small (60l) and I found that my weekly 25% WC too care of all Ca, Mg , Iodine and other trace elements. Never needed to dose up to now. Nonetheless, a good suggestion to check Iodine/Iodide levels.

Just strange that this is the only Acro frag displaying some receding...
Good thing you can test for it. The golden rule is dont dose what you cant test. Alk is a bit high as well and cause ression in acros but your nitrients are high from what I can see so it is ok. i run my alk at 10-12 and I have no proba but I do dose acropower from julian sprung. Excellent supplement with excellent growth. You will also see with dosing Iodine your blues will be more pronounced
Thanks Williet,

The trade off for me has always been growth vs coloration of Acro's. Whilst I have been able to spur on good growth, colour has been lacking or has only come about very slowly. Then again, the current tank volume is small so finding stability is challenging. I will be moving over most of the Acro's & Pocci's to my outside NSL tank soon, and the increased volume and NSL should make a marked difference.

Will look into Julian Sprung's products in more detail.
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