SPS (Receding tips and general decline)

9 May 2007
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Sharonlea, Randburg
I am struggling at the moment to keep all my SPS healthy.
There as been a steady decline recently in the overall health of some of my SPS

And i am struggling to find out the problem.

Tested the water

nitrate .10

PH 8.4

KH 10

Calcium 410

Doing 75 litres a week water changes. Using SERA salt.

Currently +- R6000 worth of SPS i could lose.

Please any ideas will be appreciated.:41:

I am currently thinking it could be a toxin or even a hitchhiker :014:
submariner,is there a loss in color or growth has reduced.
I am also a little confused here, what exactly is happening
Are they very high up against lights or just moved up, or new to the system from a lower light system.

Sounds like burning, do you have pics.
alos maybe a stupid question but necessary: do your bulbs have a UV shield? i lost frogspawns that were 120% after i left my uv shield on my 150w hailides off for a day!!!....
To answer you're lighting question Makaeel.

The tank the corals came from had more light than my tank.

The corals are not getting to much light.

So zi plot thickenz.
Hmmm sounds like they burning but the are growing at the root?
Pics would give us a better chance of telling you wats wrong
i had one green acro with the same problem, healthy polyp extension but some of the tips receded. i upped the flow around this frag and ti seems happier now and no more recession. hope this helps u.
flow can b very deceptive. make sure there is sufficient flow on that coral. water tends to make some "dead-spot", even in high flow tanks. in my case i turned on of my pumps to blow more directly on this frag with better results
Can we get any pics of the actal bad spots, It could be crabs, they can shave a coral right down to the skeleton, removing all polyps.
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