SPS corals for sale

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22 May 2007
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Hi Guys,

I am selling some of my SPS pieces to make space in my tank. I have a orange Montipora Digitata and a couple of other pieces. I live in Sharonlea/ Randburg JHB and not willing to ship them any where just want to sell them in JHB. I will let them go for R350 a piece.


Jimbo, do you not have something in the R150 range :wink:

I'm not far from Randburg.
If you wil ship ill take them all
Sorry Galibore, I don't but if I make frags of my tank I will let you know. Calvin where do you stay because if it's Durban I can bring them with me the next time I come down as I am originally from there and come down quite often.
Yes durbs .please will you post pics and give me size indications
He`s as good at posting pics as i am :razz: Calvin, jimbo`s corals are awesome and pics may not do them justice anyways.
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