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    new-tigerpyge.png Large hybrid Eibl x Lemonpeel angelfish cross, different specimen from the Tigerpyge

    rhinecanthus-cinereus-juvenile-150x150.png A juvenile Rhinecanthus cinereus triggerfish from Mauritius that was imported by Russo's Reef a couple years ago

    If you’ve been in the hobby a long time and you think you’ve seen it all, you ought to go take a look at the extensive amount of rare fish and coral photos that have been uploaded to the new Russo’s Reef website. We do our best to keep up with some of the best livestock that is first imported by Russo’s Reef but Joe is just so darn good at coming up with new and exciting livestock that we just can’t keep up with it all.

    Even if you don’t know Russo’s Reef by heart, surely you’ll remember some notable animals from them which we have written about in the past. Some notable hits from Russo include the glabrous fan lobster, the Tigerpyge, Darwin Micromussa, branching Favites, the Berndt’s and Skeletor eels and many many more. Seriously, Russo spent a lot of time uploading a ton of pictures and you could easily burn off a lazy Friday afternoon browsing the expansive image galleries.
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