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    spotted-drum-juvenile.jpg Juvenile spotted drum, Equetus punctatus

    Last year ReefBuilders championed the elusive and rare-in-the-trade Florida Spotted Drum, Equetus punctatus, as one of the most underrated reef fish.* So I couldn’t help offering another look at the species, this time, a hand-collected juvenile from Florida that recently found its way to my quarantine tanks thanks to Kara and Philipp Rauch.

    It eats like a pig and just gorgeous.* It puts a Moorish Idol to shame with that dorsal fin.* Of course, at this size, the slightly more available Jackknife Fish (Equetus lanceolatus) is every bit as beautiful, and is yet far too often overlooked despite being found on own our shores.* The only potential downside is that fish in this group do have a reputation for being initially sensitive.

    With a maximum size range of 6-9″, the Spotted Drum has a lot going for it when considered for larger FOWLR type displays.* The species is somewhat reef safe, but crabs, crustaceans and many other invertebrates may be fair game for a hungry Spotted Drum.

    Now I only need 5 more to get my breeding group established, although I’m pretty sure that Martin Moe already did this species too!* Man, that guy has just done everything…

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