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    After a dead 48-foot sperm whale washed ashore on a Northern California beach just south of San Francisco and spending a day dissecting the animal, scientists are still trying to figure what the reason was this whale died.

    Teams from around the area spend most of the day on Wednesday doing a necropsy on the whale on the sand at Sharp Park State Park in Pacifica, but are still perplexed into what caused the whale to end up on the beach.

    “There is no official cause of death,” said the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, which led the necropsy. “(It) will remain a mystery.”

    According to the local newspaper, 20 whale experts spent much of Wednesday dissecting the animal on the beach.The experts said the whale appeared to be emaciated, but they did not find that it died of such common causes as disease, old age, shark attack or contact with a vessel.

    Beached Whale Attracts Spectators To Pacifica Beach - YouTube
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