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    Speedwave DC Controllable pumps are starting to pop up at North American suppliers adding another offshoot of the Boyu pumps we have seen coming through under different labels. Similar in design to the Waveline and Diablo pumps — sharing the same body and controller — the Speedwave pumps are coming in three sizes ranging in price from around $120 to $200.

    The smallest of the three is the Speedwave DC790 Controllable Pump that pushes out up to 790 gallons an hour and is retailing right around the $120 mark. The mid-sized pump is the Speedwave DC1320 Controllable Pump that, you guessed it, is rated at 1,320 gallons per hour (retailing around $160). The largest of the three, the Speedwave DC2640 Controllable Pump, will set you back around $200.

    We’ve seen these pumps online at a few places including Aquarium Specialty, Premium Aquatics and Bulk Reef Supply.
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