RSS Species Spotlight: Cryptic Six Line Wrasse

Discussion in 'RSS Feeds' started by MASA Admin, 20 Mar 2011.

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    The Cryptic Six Line, also known as Pink Streaked Wrasse, is often bypassed and unheard of by many. Both names do not suit Pseudocheilinops ataenia. The wrasse actually has eight lines and the streaks are a bright orange-yellow. The eyes of these fishes are bright. They glow neon orange. They are commonly mislabeled as Pteragogus cryptus, but do not resemble the Pteragogus genus. The confusion continues today as some dealers continue to lable them Pteragogus cryptus. I have only seen these wrasses four times at my local fish stores in the 10 years I have been in the hobby. Though they are not extremely rare, they are uncommon. The second time around, I quickly jumped to purchase one of the wrasses to replace a Six Line Wrasse I became quickly annoyed with. The more common Six Line Wrasse is known to be aggressive and bullies its tank mates. The Cryptic Six Line is not the slightest bit aggressive. It is very shy but will eventually venture out normally as it gains courage. Cryptic Six Lines easily accept most foods. Within the first hour, my very own was eating pellets. They eat almost the same things as the common Six Line....

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    Nice fish, that green on the tail really sets it out.

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    Wow! Its much more attractive than the 6-line and doesnt have any of the negatives! I want it!

    Waaaaiiit... Google tells me they might've sharked up the species id or the pic.... Most of the links for Pseudocheilinops ataenia come up with this guy



    And they fit the description much better too...
    ??? Anyone?
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