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1 Dec 2009
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Northmead, Benoni
Hi Guys

We @ Exotic Aquariums have a few specials for you for this weekend!:thumbup:
Received New awesome fish, 1000 cleaner shrimp and other inverts too....
Naso tangs med - R195.00


Cleaner shrimp - R69.00


Diamond goby - R85.00


Collare butterfly - R165.00


Come visit us for many more species avaliable in store!:biggrin:
OMFLIP, those are good prices!
Can you maybe list what fish you have available? It's just that it's quite a drive to get to you and it would help greatly to know what is there.
Fish list

Naso tangs
Red fairy wrasse
Midas blennies
Vagabudus butterflies
Pearlscale butterflies
box fish (black)
Pajama tangs
Diamond gobies
Banner fish
Cream angels
Racoon butterflies
long nose butterflies
Semicirculatus angels
cleaner wrasse
volitans lion fish
white sand gobies
yellow wrasse
Emperor angels
Scooter blennies
Tessalata eels (honeycomb)
snowflake eels
dispar antheas
scopa tangs
rectangular triggers
dragon wrasse
red linkia sea star
fire cracker shrimp
cleaner shrimp

there is a lot more arriving tomorrow!! will post a list later!
Species arriving tomorrow:

Bicolor angels
Coral beauties
Regal tangs
Tussel file fish
Fox face
Lime wrasse
copper band
Clark clowns
tomini tangs
Banded pipe fish
False gramma
Gold stripe maroon clown
green chromis
Pixy hawk fish
Six line wrasse
Yt damsels
Chevron tang
Yellow tangs
Garden eels
Thanks - appreciate the list.

What size Copperbands are you getting in and how much do they cost?
Hi Victor

our address is cnr Cason and trichardts street, Boksburg North, Boksburg.
I could send some stock to the Wonderboom Exotic Aquariums for you!
Also we have Geisemann 39w T5 tubes on Special, Aquablue +, Actinic + and pure actinic available.
Colection only due to the nature of glass and shipping agents:lol:
Price R150.00 each!!!!!!!!!!!
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