RSS Spawning flower anemone lets its gametes go for the Coral Morphologic camera

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    If you thought flower anemones are cool, check out the appearance of this spawning flower anemone slowly ejecting a mass of white cloudy sperm into the aquarium water. This Epicystis crucifer*was getting its sexual spawning on in the lab of Coral Morphologic for 30 minutes while several other flower anemones were also observed to be ejecting sperm, although not to the same degree. Core-More does not mention whether any of their flower anemones released any eggs, which makes us wonder if flower anemones are brooders which take in sperm, fertilize and maturate their gametes internally and then release nearly fully formed larva or tiny anemones since we have seen evidence for this in aquaria in the past. Perhaps in a couple months the Coral Morphologic tanks will be overrun with tiny little flower anemone gems, they will surely let us know if they do.
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    Some beautiful Anemones, but I'm sure they are also possible fish eaters like Mini Carpet Anemones? I'm referring more to Mandarins and other small fishy's like perching Gobies.... :(..then again, I read about Mini-Max or Maxi Mini Anemones which chowed bigger Fish...
    I's the "luck of the draw"..:p
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