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    LED spotlights helped us reefers get our feet with with this new efficient lighting technology but there’s been an unfortunate stagnation in this segment of the reef lighting market as of late. Whereas we once announced new reef LED spotlights seemingly everyday here on the blog, the rate of newly announced LED spots has significantly dropped off.

    When we first reported on the piezo-electric powered synjet cooling component found in the G.E. LED spotlight, we had high hopes that a new generation of DIY and micro-batch LED spotlights would be developed for the reef aquarium market. With a solid-state cooling solution like the Synjet used along or in conjunction with heat-sinks or standalone, we imagine that a new breed of higher power or smaller sized LED spotlights could be developed.

    While a slew of new PAR30 and PAR38 are steadily being introduced for the home market with wireless control, color changing abilities and smartphone capabilities, the same cannot be said for the same gear in the reefing scene. Kessil has done a great job of developing well-priced, actively cooled LED spotlights but there’s still a lot of work that can be done, especially with wifi, bluetooth and piezo electric jet fans getting smaller and cheaper all the time.

    Nuventix SynJet Demonstration - YouTube
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