Some great specials on old stock

9 Mar 2014
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Guy we need to get rid of some of our stock.

we have the following great specials.

Vertex Omega 150 Skimmers R4800 each (Only two units in stock
Thrive additives all selling for R 169 per 600ml bottle
Vertex illumilux lighting all less 20%
JNS S Cone 3 skimmers R 4999
JNS VS1 Hang on skimmers R 1499
dual T5 lighting all less 20%
Vertex Hexaplex magnet cleaners R 1299
Vertex Sensor holder brackets R 89
Innovative Marine Filter sponge replacement kits all less 30%
Innovative Marine Accudrip acclimation kits R 129 each
Infinity Aqua 60 litre system (Starphire glass) R3999 (Includes solid wood stand)
Infinity Aqua 120 litre system (Starphire glass) R4999 (Includes Solid wood stand)
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