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    Hi All,

    Very new to Marine tanks etc & currently have a 12g Nano (been running for about 2 months) & already have a rimless with sump on order :)

    Back to my Nano - it does seem to get abit hot so have the front flap open with a small fan attached but does not look that great - any suggestions on how to fit / hide the fan?

    Secondly, I have seen some 12g Nano's where the hood is removed & a small (+- 30cm) light fixture on brackets as been fitted (nice and easy now to fit the fan) - any idea who might sell that fixture here in SA?

    Lastly - if I kept the current hood & lighting, is it a major re-wire mission to have the current moonlights wired to own power source? or is it easier to fit a LED strip?

    Last last (promise) - do LED strips come in one length only? can they be made to a certain length? Must the LED be mounted behind the splash guard?

    Thanks for any advice / suggestions
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    Need to know what make your nano is, Boyu, Deltec, JBJ etc. Some pics of the inside and outside of the hood will be a big help as well. :)

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