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    The corals and reef life of the Solomon Islands was once a bastion of aquarium harvesting activity where coral farming was pioneered and where our first really nice true percula clownfish came from. While we still have commercial*aquarium*activity in the Solomon Islands, this region of the Coral Triangle has gotten less attention from reefers lately as more collection has opened up in Australia, Bali and throughout Indonesia.

    AS a reminder of what makes the Solomon Islands a special region, we want to share with you this video shot by Bruce Carlson of the diversity of reef fish, invertebrates and corals that can be found in this special place. The Solomon Islands is extremely rich in coral and fish species diversity and it’s where you’ll regularly find exquisite marine animals like white cap clownfish,*Amphiprion leucokranos, and the true branching moon coral, Australogyra zelli.

    This dive video of the Reefs of the Solomon Islands was shot back in 2003 by Dr. Carlson, with a film video camera, back when you had to use high capacity cassettes, and it showcases what the reefs were like almost ten years ago. Hopefully the reefs are in a similar shape because we love all the invertebrates, corals and fish that are featured. And if anyone knows what exactly is going on with the signal goby/crab goby (Signigobius biocellatus)*at the end, please clue us in.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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