RSS Soleichthys maculosus flounder mimics toxic flatworms to an incredible degree

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    As much as we eat soles, halibut and flounders, it’s a pity that we almost never seen any representatives of this broad group of fishes in aquaria. One fish which would make a fascinating aquarium subject is the juveniles of some*Soleichthys species which exhibit incredible coloration when they are small in order to resemble toxic flatworms that larger fish would not want to eat. Not only do the tiny*Soleichthys maculosus look very much like the polycald flatoworm*Pseudoceros dimidiatus,*they know it too and move while staying really close to the ground, with their fins undulating just like the original. If you think this fish looks cool in real in picture check out the video after the break which shows the perfection of the mimicry by this particular species of mimic flounder.*

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