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    Deep Blu eProfessional, the company better known for interesting glass aquarium designs and more recently a suite of aquarium accessories, has released a new little LED spotlight which hits a sweet intersection of price and value. The SolarFlare Micro is wee bitty LED spotlight with a 3 watt LED affixed to the end of a small gooseneck arm.

    The cute SolarFlare Micro LED comes in four colors, daylight, red, deep blue and actinic, for between $16 and $25. The SolarFlare Micro LED is capable of delivering photosynthetically*nutritious*lighting for only the smallest of tanks, but accent lighting is where this device should excel.

    If you’ve got a basic two, or three-color lighting setup, adding a SolarFlare Micro to the mix could bring some photonic attention to some prized corals. You might add the red SolarFLare Micro LED to boost PAR over a shallow water SPS coral or clam, or use the deep blue shade of the SolarFlare Micro as a color booster, or standalone moonlight.

    We love our PAR30 and PAR38 LED spotlights but the tiny size of the SolarFlare Micro makes it much easier to paint a reef with colors, one shade at a time. The only drawback being that the suction-cup-mount is not likely to stay put as long and as securely as we would prefer.

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