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    The Sola NightSea LED Dive light is a collaboration between the masters of underwater lighting Light & Motion and the pioneers of fluorescence viewing and imaging, NightSea. Built on the super high*performance Sola 1200 LED dive light, the Sola NightSea provides diodes for an all blue spectrum, with the ability to switch between flood and spotlight modes.

    Six blue LEDs provide the flod light mode with a beam angle of 60 degrees for wide area illumination while three other LEDs are configured with narrow collimation with a 12 degree spotlight beam for when you want to focus on a subject or peering deeper/farther into the a dark night dive.*The Sola NightSea LED dive flash is $775 which comes with a 2-cell Lithium ion rechargeable battery which*should*be good for between one and two hours of illumination on the high setting. The Sola NightSea also comes with a*filter visor and a mask strap wrapper, and there’s also a remote phosphor option that turns the blue LED light into broad spectrum visible light.

    Where the coral fluorescent protein checker (CFP) flashlights are great for scouting corals in aquariums and dealers’ tanks, the Sola NightSea should have the*power*to help divers and coral collectors really scout out for some of the most amazingly colored corals. Even if the coral collectors are not diving at night, some of these brilliant scolies and chalice corals have to be coming from some depth where light is limited, and a little actinic blue light wouldn’t hurt to tease out the masterpieces from the A-grade coral colonies.*[NightSea]

    Fluorescent Anemone - YouTube
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