So check this out.. Raiders of the lost under water world!!!!!


14 May 2011
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As we always say …

We love to be different at Aquaria-SA….

What’s planned for the week?

We are sure many of you are waiting for our BIG surprise….but you will have to wait a little longer….’Cause good things take time ….Our team are working round the clock to get it ready for the BIG launch…
So soon …soon just keep watching this space…

In the meantime we are expecting some awesome corals and livestock later this week ….corals , clams and livestock from Indonesia & Vietnam….keep your eyes open for this Reefers. YOU don’t want to miss out on this shipment..

On a lighter note it seems we have once again ‘stirred the pot’ with our latest skit video, even reaching as far as Germany!!!! Seems the Germans don’t have a sense of humour like ours – agh shame man!!!

Get on

NOW and watch it and PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ like it guys!!!!!

“SEA” You soon Lawrence & The Aquaria-SA Team
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