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    World Wide Corals is going really big with a new booth they’ve built for MACNA 2013. With half a years worth of design and tweaking the concept, Lou & Victor are ready to bring a new level of professionalism to coral vending.

    WorldWide’s new traveling coral shop includes three flat screen TVs on a giant graphic wall which serves as the setting for the stage. A central 175 bow front is ringed with five shallow water aquariums. The bow front will be loaded with exotic stony coral colonies while the rest of the displays will hold around 1000 coral frags!

    We’ve seen some really nice coral vending booths at MACNA before but even more so in recent years. Hi Def Corals, Cherry Corals, Unique Corals and many more have steadily been upping their presence at the big reef shows so we should be in for quite a show in South Florida in a few days. [​IMG]
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