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8 May 2007
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Reef aquarium events are an integral part to the experience of being a reef hobbyist in America. These gatherings offer us an opportunity to meet other reefers, see new products, catch a speaker talk or two, exchange ideas and information, but who are we kidding? At many shows the highlight of visiting a marine aquarium conference is seeing all the newest corals in all the crazy colors, and picking up a frag or two.

Shows like MACNA, the three ReefAPaloozas, ReefStock and many others feature some of the best coral frags available anywhere in the world, and they are quite literally the greatest coral farmers’ markets. We can never get every coral we want, but even if we don’t take all the corals home, we can still see many different examples of new coral species, new color morphs, interesting growth forms etc.

Even seeing that people are still farming and producing more established strains like rainbow & sunset monti, armor of god zoas and phonape birdnest is reassuring, knowing that as new corals are being discovered and appreciated, classic strains are not being lost in the process. Basically, coral frag swaps, farmers markets or whatever you call them are the best galleries of living coral diversity, even more than many parts of the ocean.

Today we have a preview of the living coral gallery that will be coming to ReefStock in Denver this weekend. Even if you can’t make it to ReefStock this year, be aware of events happening in your area and make a point to attend, you’ll be glad you did. Enjoy this sneak peek of what the country’s best coral vendors will be bringing to the Mile High City, and we can’t wait to see it for ourselves, and to see you there.

WWC Candy Crusher Madracis

Echinophyllia – Mind Blowing Corals

Favia – Mind Blowing Corals

Leptoseris – Mind Blowing Corals

Ambrosio Aquatics

Ambrosio Aquatics

branching hammer coral – Ambrosio Aquatics

Micromussa (Acan) Lord – Nitro Corals

Flower Anemone – Nitro Corals

Superman digitata – Nitro Corals

White Zombie zoas VW Reefs

Ricordea – VW Reefs

Ricordea – VW Reefs

Legendary Corals

Leptastrea – Legendary Corals

Goniopora – Legendary Corals

Micromussa (Acan) Lord – Zen Reef

Micromussa (Acan) Lord – Zen Reef

Blue Solomon Acro – Unique Corals

Rainbow Dragon Acro – Unique Corals

Toxic Branching Hammer – Unique Corals

Favia – Unique Corals

Blastomussa – Gonzo corals

Orange & Green frogspawn- Gonzo corals

Mille Acro – Gonzo corals

Acan echinata – AznNutty’s SaltwaterConnections

Orange Hammer – AznNutty’s SaltwaterConnections

Mini Gold Torch- AznNutty’s SaltwaterConnections

Pank Zoas – My Reef to Yours

Micromussa (Acan) lord – My Reef to Yours

Blue Discosoma – My Reef to Yours

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