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    DSC_0636.jpg New Ceramic Frag Plugs forthcoming from The Alternative Reef

    At a recent belated holiday party, Jim Grassinger of The Filter Guys (perhaps familiar to readers for their RO/DI systems) gave us a sneak peek at a new design for ceramic frag plugs by The Alternative Reef.* The new style of ceramic plugs, as well as a new Filter Guys frag glue, are both due for release next month.

    As most Reef Builders readers are well aware, ceramic frag plugs require no pre-soaking to eliminate unwanted pH increases that can occur with other non-cured, non-ceramic plugs.* Initial durability testing (aka. dropping them on the floor accidentally) suggests these will hold up just fine.* These plugs are also “Made in the USA”.* No word yet on price, but we’ll revisit the new plugs, and the new glue, next month!
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