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8 May 2007
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SnapPower is a neat product that is hitting the market after a stellar Kickstarter launch last year. As more of our gadgets are featuring a USB power port of some sort, we have traditionally had only a few options to free up outlet from a USB charging brick. But SnapPower is changing that, where anyone can turn a traditional outlet in a USB power station with just a screwdriver.

The sleek SnapPower charging station features a USB port on a small section on the bottom allowing you to plug in your device on the side. It works by two clips that simply slide over the power connectors on the side of the outlet without having to disconnect and reconnect wires. It is literally as simple as removing the screws from your plate, popping in the SnapPower plate and screwing it back in.

There are two styles for the traditional duplex outlet or the rectangular decor style. There are also three colors, white, light almond and ivory to match most outlet colors. There is even and LED nightlight version that turns your outlet into a quidelight or nightlight.

These aren’t cheap, running $20 for the USB charger and $15 for the guidelight, but are cheaper than calling our the electrician and can be installed in minutes. However, there are volume discounts for the more you buy.
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