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    The new Avast Marine Porthole Smartphone Edition is the perfect (and affordable) tool for the average reefer to take exciting top-down images of their aquariums without investing in expensive photography equipment. The simple tool is a modified version of the original porthole that allows you to attach your smartphone to snap pictures of your corals and fish from the top.

    Using the new Avast Marine Porthole is simple. Just line up smartphone’s camera lens to the hole with the flash off, clamp down the phone securely with the felt-covered acrylic bar, carefully dip the housing in the water and snap away. Since this gets beneath the often turbulent surface of the aquarium, you eliminate ripples and light reflections that make top-down photos tough to capture.

    The new Porthole is constructed of acrylic utilizing with nylon hardware that allows you to not only secure your smartphone but also clean the inside of the porthole easily. The Porthole uses white acrylic on the top to minimize glare from lights and the smoked acrylic body allows a minimal amount of light through without glare or reflections.*A thoughtful touch to the new Porthole is the large black knob to give you something to grip to hold the device secure as you position, focus or snap pictures.

    As Avast Marine points out, this could be a simple and time saving tool for coral vendors to use since many smartphones can automatically upload photos via WiFi, making it simple to get your images on the computer without having to download and import images.

    How much is the new*Avast Marine Porthole Smartphone Edition going to set you back? This may be one of the best features since you can get this for just $59.99 making it approachable for any hobbyist. The new Porthole will begin shipping later this month.

    porthole_wophone_md-150x150.png porthole_phone_md-150x150.png porthole_phone_xenia_md-150x150.jpg porthole_phone_Sgig_md-150x150.jpg
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