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4 Aug 2014
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I had a thread earlier about snail id, but the snails were too small.

One has grown bigger now and I wonder if it can be identified now?


Looks like collonista snail to me which is reefsafe. Can you take a picture from its underside to be certain?
Photo from the underside please.
It does look like part of the Throchidae family. Which are reef safe.
I have some of these snails as well and I think they are collonista snails. I have not have problems with them yet and they have travelled trough 3 systems. They are vegetarian snails. If you Google it you will see the same pattern as yours pop up a few times. Hope this helps, @RiaanP helped me with the same snail id, he is a walking encyclopaedia..;) here is a link I found.
Collonista Snail | Melev's Reef
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yip, that is a reef safe snail.

Where did you get it from?
Hi, thank you for the feedback so far.
@RiaanP, I am not sure. My suspicion is from snail eggs on zoas I bought. I have an outbreak of tiny snails like this. Must've been hitchihking as I have not had this type of snail before, now 100's.

Removing them manually bit there are soooo many.
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