Smithers New Setup.

7 May 2007
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This past weekend I undertook the moving of my tank. Who knew moving a 4ft was such a mission.
I had another 4ft (1200x600x450 - LxDxW) at my new place ready to be filled and eagerly awaiting the new fish.
I had been planning this move for a while and just hoped it would go smoothly.
I started by removing all the corals and placing them in a temp setup and the new house.
After that the fish were caught, unfortunatly a crab got hold of my beloved tamarin wrasse. The crab was a drab grey colour with strong pincers. He was forcefully removed, may he RIP.
The next step was to get all the water out the tank and put it into the new tank. I wanted to use as much of the water as possible. As the new tank was deeper I had some premixed synthetic salt on hand.
The tank and sump were drained and the live rock moved to the new house.
By this time i had used all my synthetic salt and had no more RO water. The gravel had to be cleaned. My only other option was to add all the gravel in its current filthy state to the tank. All I can say is thank god for big resirc skimmers. My RS 2 started to go wild. It pumped out thick muddy water for about 2 hours. At this time I had a powerhead with a decent venturi going, just to keep the dirt in suspension.

After the 2 hour wait got some of the rock in and placed the corals where I could. The aquascaping is going to come in the next few weeks once I can get some new decent rock.

My System specs are as follows now.
Tank - 1200x600x450 (LxDxW)
Sump - 1200x200x400 (LxDxW)
Soon to be fuge combined with DSB - 900x500x450 (LxDxW)
1 3ft ATI Pure Blue
1 3ft Aquamedic White
1 4ft Geiseman Pure Actinic
2 4ft Aquamedic White
1 4ft Actinic Aquamedic.
MH not connected yet.

The White T5's are going to be replaced with the ATI Reef Spezial (that is what is says on the tube)

Reeftek RS2 Recirc Skimmer - Connected to overflow then leads into sump.

Aqua H20 Return Pump 2800 lph
Seio 820 (Need to get another 3)
Assorted power heads 1 with Hydor Korilla

Brown Surgeon
Pencil Surgeon
Cleaner Wrasse
Iridis Wrasse
Anampses Wrasse
Tamarin Wrasse
Maroon Clown
Blue Damsel
Pair of CB shrimps

Green Stars
Brown Stars
Blue mushrooms
Candy Cane
Organ Pipe
Assorted Zoo's

I am wanting to start moving towards LPS.

This is my old tank

I will post pics tomorrow tomorrow.

Looking very good, major mission to move a tank, is this a pic of the system after the move.
That is before the move. I was having major Cyano problems so moving the tank was a good way to clean everything off as well.
gavin u smuck ..... all this time im think that smithers is someone else .. well now i kno ... where u at glens on tuesday night ???
Hey Smithers looks like you been busy Dude.

Glad that it all went smoothly for you. Keep us updated on what the tank looks like now ;)
gavin u smuck ..... all this time im think that smithers is someone else .. well now i kno ... where u at glens on tuesday night ???

Now I am hurt Afsal :012:. Nope was not at G's house.

Forgot to add the biggest downside to getting another tank is now I have lost all of my corraline growth :(.
im joking man , from speaking to u a few times u seem like a lekker oke so now i said it .... did u see my frag for swopping , check it out , maybe u have something of interest
Psycho that is the old setup. I will try and take some pics of the haphazard arrangement of my tank this evening.
Maybe I will even take a pic of the sump for Phatty.
lol gav, you kinda under exagerated the removal of the crab...... shame im sorry dude i should have let you skewer his a$$. or would you have felt guilty.. oh ja and im sorry the wife only let me out to help for 2 hours
The crab deserved to die. I think he got of my little scooter and some others. He put up a good fight though.
Next time book the day off to help. Get the forms signed in triplicate from the wife.
pls do man , i wana see your aquascaping , want some tips cause my tank is the same size ... i also think your doesnt look natural , just like mine , very unatural looking but nevertheless . it still is nice!!!
That last pic I had just been adding bits and it lost its natural appearance. I am hoping to add extra rock to about two thirds up the back glass. I just wish my tank was wider as I think it makes it look more natural.
The height is not sucha huge factor. I think 600 is a nice depth and 1000 wide would be awesome.
bollocks smith i keep telling you 2m x 1m x 1m. a mission to work on but well worth it. in about 2 years ill show you how its done, the big 8m x 2m x 2m complete with the scuba gear and all
you would want to make the depth more than 600 with the 1000 width, give you more "viewing area" and you could make it look much more "natural"
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