6 May 2007
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Uncle Viper, I can't find the smilie that's waving his hand ... I'm kind of missing it :)
I am going to sound very forward, my apologies if it sounds that way, but is there no other "design" of smiles that we could use, these ones are boring where ever you are on a forum it is the same ones.
uploaded as :w a v e 2: (type it without the spaces) Or would you like to type something else to get it?
psycho, you have over 300 smilies to choose from, what more do you want? :lol:

If you can find some different ones that you want, let me know and I will consider uploading them.
the animated one?

I suppose now you gonna go through all 315 smilies and scrutinise them :rofl:
You evil being!! You just made me search through 315 smilies ... and it's not there ... although I do quite like this one ... :56:
How about these ???



ok goldie, will upload that one, do you want to type anything specific to show it?
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