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    The Transformer LED from SMD Aquaristik is a fixture that is externally completely constumizable to your taste.*SMD Aquaristik is a German LED light manufacturer, and probably was one of the first manufacturers to use RGB multichip LED*in its lights. It’s been a while since we’ve covered SMD Aquaristik fixtures, but the German manufacturer hasn’t exactly been lying quiet.

    The face plate of the SMD Transformed LED appears to be easily slid out and can be switched out to a wide a variety of options including wood, several types of metal, granite, and any color under the rainbow. Keep reading for more information and additional pictures.

    The Transformer LED fixtures will be available in 1 meter (40 inches), 1.5 meters (60 inches), and 2 meters (78 inches). The 1 meter fixture uses three 50w multichip LEDs in either 12k or 15k along with either two 30w blue multichip LEDs or two 30 watt multichip RGB LEDs.

    The 1.5 meter fixture comes with five 50w multichip LEDs (12k or 15k), along with either two 30w blue multichip LEDs or two 30w RGB LEDs. The 2 meter fixtures finally comes with seven 50w multichip LEDs (12k or 15k) and four 30w blue multichip LEDs or two 30w multichip RGB LEDs.

    A built-in controller in the SMD Transformer LED allows for five channel dimming along with sunrise/sunset simulation and moon cycle simulation. The fixture uses 85 degree lenses with 90 and 120 degree releasing in the fall. Expect the fixtures to retail for €800 – €2000 ($1060-$2650) depending on the size. No word of US availability yet.








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