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    You know that the aquarium is growing and doing well when complicated product lines like aquarium controllers are still being developed and engineered. Case in point is a new outfit in Italy called Smart Reefs which just put itself out there in the most light weight fashion possible.

    With just a landing page to their website and a facebook page, Smart Reefs is being mum on details, stating only that their controller will be released September 7th, 2013 at the AquaFestival. Italy is already the home of the Aquatronica line of aquarium controllers which is hot in Europe so there’s every reason to hope for something good.

    The Apex line of controllers by Neptune System has exploded its reach and ecosystem of accessories in recent years with Apex Ready LED lights and gear. We’re still waiting on the *Android-powered Cerebra by Vertex to come out, and we’re still keeping an eye out for the Swedish Black Reef controller to launch.

    It’s an exciting time to be a reef aquarists, and all of this competition in the aquarium controller space should result in increasingly better, cheaper and easier products for the control freaks in all of us.
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