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8 May 2007
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The Smart Buddie Booster Pump from Aquatic Life is a very intriguing new device which imparts ‘superpowers’ onto all manner of reverse osmosis filters. Entry level R.O. filters can be pretty basic pieces of equipment but with the Smart Buddie Booster Pump, you can extend the life of your R.O. membranes while also making sure to get as much performance from it as possible.

It’s widely known that reverse osmosis filters work better and are more effective at doing their job when they are driven by higher pressure water. The easiest way to generate more and better filtered water from a reverse osmosis device is to pair it up with a booster pump to increase pressure of the feed water.

A booster pump is a very simple device that goes inline with your reverse osmosis membrane with a singly water line and out. So we were initially flummoxed to see the six different lines coming in and out of Aquatic Life’s Smart Buddie Booster Pump.

The reason for the technicolor cluster of tubes in the Smart Buddie booster pump is that it is much more than a simple booster pump. Aquatic Life’s new Reverse Osmosis companion is pre-plumbed internally with solenoid valves and pressure sensors that do even more for your reverse osmosis filter.

In addition to having a booster pump, the Smart Buddie also manages automatic weekly flushing of the reverse osmosis membrane, and it is also ready to shut off main water pressure to the water filter when it senses back pressure from a float valve. What the Smart Buddie Booster Pump does for your R.O. is essentially turn it into the all in one Power Deluxe Reverse Osmosis filter that Aquatic Life stopped making a few years ago.

Having a built in float valve is a crucial feature for RO units to have so that you can ensure that your purified water reservoir is constantly filled. And flushing the RO membrane periodically is is a really important maintenance task that greatly increases the life of the membrane.

Adding all of these features to an existing RO unit can be a little confusing, even for the veteran RO user, but the Smart Buddie Booster Pump streamlines the process of making even the smallest RO units pretty high tech. The Smart Buddie Booster Pump is suitable for up to 100 gallon per day membranes and it retails for $129. [Aquatic Life]


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