RSS Smart ATO from AutoAqua is heating up the arms race of Automatic Top Off systems

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    Smart ATO is a novel new device from AutoAqua which uses an optical method of determining water level height in your sump. When AutoAqua first hit the aquarium scene with a slew of different ATO systems for aquariums we kind of scratched our heads at how much they were investing in this tiny little niche of the aquarium hobby but the Smart ATO is head and shoulders above the rest of their offerings, and many others’ too.


    The magnetically coupled Smart ATO is the sensing and controlling device all in one. One cable feeds into the Smart ATO head unit and another cable controls a DC filling pump. The Smart ATO’s refill pump is a brushless design capable of pumping to a height of 200cm (~6.5 feet) and a maximum flow rate of 280 liters per hour (~74 gph).

    The Smart ATO will be a CoralVue exclusive product in North America and will be on display this weekend at MACNA for the first time. The Smart ATO system from AutoAqua includes the controller, tubing and DC pump for an expected retail price of just $149.*With its tiny footprint and also-modest price, the little Smart ATO is poised to become one of the hottest new Auto Top Off systems for aquariums.



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