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    This super cute Tigerpyge anelfish just surfaced in Hong Kong where it was imported by a marine fish outfit called Red Heart King. The striping on this individual is very broad at this small size but we expect that with age and size it will develop more ‘typical’ thin and numerous stripes like the Tigerpyge in the previous post, and like the famous hybrid Tigerpyge angelfish which was impoted to the US a couple of years ago.

    This hybrid angelfish was collected somewhere between the Banda Sea and Arafura Sea, although it was imported from Bali. Strangely enough the collection locality of this pygmy Tigerpyge is quite a ways away from where you expect to find any lemonpeel angelfish, either the standard-issue Pacific lemonpeel angelfish with the blue eye ring or the very rarely seen Indian Ocean lemonpeel angelfish with the blue eye iris. However, this specimen clearly shows a bright blue iris indicating that its parent lemonpeel angelfish must have been of the Indian Ocen variety. Big thanks to Ryan Li of Redheartking for sharing his wonderful pygmy Tigerpyge with us.

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