RSS Slimline LED from SunBrite is coming soon, and with a remote control

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    slimline-sunbrite-led-150x150.jpg The Slimline LED from Sunbrite LED is the name of the slim and svelte LED light that we shared with you at the very end of December. The Slimline is now coming closer to real world availability, and we’ve learned a few more details about this interesting package; 24 watts, Cree XPG, remote control and a $249 price tag. The remote will allow you to cycle through a few preprogrammed patterns of blue and white LED illumination including all blue, all white, 50/50 and moonlight. Also, the remote allows the independent adjustment of the blue and white LED channels, in 10% increments. Not bad if you ask us, now we just need to get the Slimline LED over a reef tank to see how it really looks over corals.
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