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    The new Aqua Cubic aquariums are following the trend of open topped, sleek, stylish and functional aquariums putting as much emphasis on the outside of the aquarium as we put on the inside. Two different sizes are available — the Aqua Cubic 15 liter (35 x 27 x 90 cm) and the Aqua Cubic XL holding 55 liters — with three color choices to fit your personal taste with a black and red, dark and light oak and a black and white models.

    The tanks are fitted with Mini BioBox 2 three-stage filtration and a simple LED lighting system mounted on an integrated lamp support. The LED light includes 16 individual LEDs, most likely just in all white flavors, and running at low wattage, perfect for a freshwater planted tank. Adding a few blue LED accent lights might make a sexy reef setup as well. All three color models can be ordered with a matching stand. Pricing is around £94.99 ($151 USD) for the 15 l aquarium and £54.99 ($88 USD) for the cabinet and the larger version running £159.99 ($255 USD) for the aquarium and £94.99 ($151 USD) for the cabinet.

    [via Practical Fishkeeping]
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