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    Hi Hennie,

    I have access to food grade lime used in the water purification industry and am considering using this in a kalkwasser reactor - I am having analysis done on it to check the level of impurities, but what is worrying me is that it is brown lime, indicating a high-ish concentration of manganese and magnesium. Would these elements be detrimental in aquaria in your opinion ?

    The generic spec I have for the lime is 65-70% availability, 70-75% calcium oxide, 1 % grit.

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    Hi Mark,

    If it's food-grade, you could be OK. Magnesium is a "good" element to add, and won't do any harm even if the level is increased a bit over the NSW value, but one should preferably not add any manganese, as it is not used by our creatures in more than trace amounts, and could become detrimental in higher than NSW concentrations.

    The only way to be really sure would be to have it analyzed after dissolving it in RO water (the manganese might not be soluble, and would not have any impact if it remains insoluble and settles to the bottom of the container (and is thus not added to the tank...).

    Let us know what the outcome of your analysis was.


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