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    Teh Skkye Lights from Innovative Marine are a new line LED lights with a clamp on design and a modicum of moon lighting. Innovative Marine Skkye LED lights use single one watt LEDs which appear all white from the renders in the press release, but will hopefully be mixed with blue LEDs in addition to the independently controlled blue LED moonlights.

    Besides the passable appearance and slim supporting arm, what strikes us most about the Skkye LED lights is the use of individual reflectors, something which we have seen very little of in a mass produced LED reef aquarium light. Pictured above is the Skkye Light 30, renders of the Skkye Light 4 and 8 pictured after the break and hopefully we’ll see what these fixtures can really do when (and if) they begin shipping in August.

    skkye-light-8.png skkye-light-4.png
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