Skimz SM201 Problem

19 Aug 2011
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Cape Town
Hi Steven

I am having problems with my skimmer making a lot of noise, I posted a thread under skimmers (have a look) it seems that this is a common problem with Skimz.

Could you maby give me a solution, advice.

from previous experience i would suggest you contact the store and speak to steven but preferrably adam...

they dont always get the messages posted here....

good luck...
Ok, so I got a new impeller from exotic almost a grand later and this is not the problem. Skimmer as noisy as ever, looks like two options bin this skimz rubbish or look at an option to retro fit a new pump.

What do you guys recommend?
look at retro fitting the pump the skimmer body is really constructed well but the impellors were the problem on earlier models.. depending on when you bought it you could try get a new pump with impellor direct from Janet yeong in singapore...
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