RSS Skimz Oval Protein Skimmer design cuts footprint by nearly 25%

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    Skimz should by now have have registered in your mind as one of those companies that is constantly innovating. Skimz was rather quick to jump on the DC pump bandwagon (although*certainly not the first), and they’ve obsessed with space saving designs such as*their*semi-pipeless flow control from the start.*The Skimz Oval Protein Skimmer is perhaps their most exciting protein skimmer yet, cutting in sump footprint by nearly 25% taking their space saving designs to a whole new level.











    Space savings of nearly 25% should sound like music to the ears of any space conscious reefer, and it pretty*miraculous*it is*something*Skimz is able to achieve by *simply shifting from a cone shaped design to an oval design. It is certainly extremely*clever and one of those ideas we wished we’d come up with ourselves. *Unfortunately there are no videos floating around the web of the Skimz Oval Protein Skimmer in action, but we should be able to see these in action first hand at Aquarama*later this week.
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