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    As pointed out by one of our readers in the previous Skimz Oval protein skimmer post, there is a video of the new skimmer in action. Much of the initial reaction is mixed with some seeing the benefits and other just seeing another unnecessary option in the skimmer market. Our first impression is that this is a good idea based on size and available water volume for the oval versus a round cone of the same width.

    Without compromising as much space, the oval design gives you a little extra ‘oomph’ with the added surface area. The increased size of the bubble plate means increased contact time between air and the undesirable organics you are trying to purge from your system. Most sumps have some sort of cordoned off section for the skimmer that are usually a lot longer than they are wide giving you plenty of room to expand in one direction not both.

    New! Skimz SV203 Oval Protein Skimmer Demo - YouTube
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