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8 May 2007
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Skimz is at it again with its mission to gain more real estate in your sump with the introduction of its Skimz Monzter Mini Calcium Reactor next week at Aquarama in Singapore. Powered by what they are touting as the smallest DC pump on a calcium reactor along with a small footprint, this option is good for those with limited sump space.

The benefits of running DC pumps means lower power consumption, more efficiency, less heat and calcium buildup in the pump. The pump in the Mini Reactor also features six preset settings to dial in your reactor to the right level without compromising pressure. Also to note, the Skimz Mini Reactor does not require feed pump as it feeds itself via a specially designed inlet.

An added plus is the Skimz Mini Reactors can also be converted into a Nitrate Reactor with the purchase of a conversion kit. Skimz Monzter Mini Calcium Reactor is available in two sizes, CM93 Duo and CM113 Duo.

The Skimz CM93 Duo is fitted with the Skimz VSC1200DC with an adjustable flow rate of 300-1,000 l/hr with a power consumption of 10W. It Holds 1.8kg of media in its 90mm diameter body and measures in at 115 x 135 x 520mm. Designed for aquariums up to 500 liters (around 130 US gallons).

The larger Skimz CM113 Duo also features the Skimz VSC1200DC pump, but holds 2.8kg of media in its 110mm diameter body. The overall dimensions are 135 x 160 x 520mm and is suitable for aquariums up to 800 liters (around 210 US gallons).

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