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    Skimz is launching three recirculating biopellet reactors in the near future that utilizes an internal DC pump and adjustable outlet control based on your bioload and aquarium needs.

    The new Skimz Mini Recirculating Reactors will come in three sizes and besides the DC pump and adjustable outlet, Skimz notes these reactors will allow you to use more biopellets and then dial in your flow rate using the DC pump’s controller to suspend and tumble the pellets properly to avoid clumping.

    The design of the the Skimz reactor incorporates the pump internally and doesn’t require a feed pump. The versatility of the DC pump provides you with the ability to control the variable to fit your system and amount of pellets you are using in the reactor. The pump in the Mini Reactor also features six preset settings to dial in your reactor to the right level without compromising pressure.

    THe Skimz Mini Reactor can also be used with phosphate media or activated carbon by incorporated sponges on the top and bottom of the reactor. The new Skimz Mini Recirculating Biopellet Reactor is available in three sizes, RR93, RR113 and RR153.

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Skimz RR93 Technical Data:
    Reactor pump: Skimz VSC1200DC
    Power consumption: 12W
    Biopellet/Phoshate media: 700ml/600ml
    Dimension: L 115 x W 115 x H 490mm x 90mm diameter
    For Aquariums: Up to 700 litres

    Skimz RR113 Technical Data:
    Reactor pump: Skimz VSC2000DC
    Power consumption: 20W
    Biopellet/Phoshate media: 1,200ml/1,000ml
    Dimension: L 155 x W 155 x H 490mm x 110mm diameter
    For Aquariums: Up to 1,200 litres

    Skimz RR153 Technical Data:
    Reactor pump: Skimz VSC3000DC
    Power consumption: 25W
    Biopellet/Phoshate media:: 2,000ml/1,800ml
    Dimension: L 180 x W 180 x H 520mm x 150mm diameter
    For Aquariums: Up to 2,000 litres
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