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    DC motor pumps are starting to make a splash in the industry and the pool of DC pumps is getting a little bit bigger with the upcoming Skimz DC skimmer pump the company is debuting this month. While details are still pretty scarce, the Skimz DC skimmer pump looks very similar to the Waveline DC pumps we saw with the RLSS skimmer earlier this year. Click through for more images and video of the skimmer in action.

    The Skimz DC skimmer pumps will come in three models: Skimz DC 3000, Skimz DC 5000 and Skimz DC 10,000. The nomenclature for this line of pumps is the same at the Waveline DC pumps and most likely are sourced from the same manufacturer. The new Skimz DC pumps feature controllable flow rate and a feeding mode, plus they run more energy efficient than their AC brethren and are super quiet.

    We were also looking forward to seeing Skimz pair up these motors with a few of the company’s popular skimmers with the cone and inverted cone design and it looks like they recently shot and uploaded a couple of videos already. The videos below show the larger Skimz SL200 protein skimmer with the inverted cone design, using the speed-controllable DC 5000 pump pulling 1800 l/h of air intake. The other video shows the smaller Skimz SM161 protein skimmer using the speed-controllable DC 3000 pumps. With the Skimz DC 3000 pump, the air intake is 960 l/h while only consuming 18W of power.

    Skimz-Monzter-Skimmer-DC-Pump-3-150x150.jpg Skimz-Monzter-Skimmer-DC-Pump-1-150x150.jpg Skimz-Monzter-Skimmer-DC-Pump-2-150x150.jpg
    Click here to view the embedded video.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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