RSS Skimz boosts the Monzter SM253 skimmer with you guessed it, a controllable DC pump

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    The new*Skimz Monzter SM253 is a new protein skimmer from the Singapore-based company that has added a*variable*speed controlled (VSC) DC pump bringing another manufacturer to the DC-powered skimmer market. Boasting a draw of 2,400 lph (about 630 GPH) of air draw in a 250 mm body diameter. Not much information is available on the new Skimz skimmer, but it has a pretty compact footprint for its size and appears to have all the features of the*previous*iterations of skimmers. Click through for more details and a video.*

    The skimmer body looks similar to the*Skimz E-Series SM251 with the pump features inside the reaction chamber to maximize sump real estate. It looks like the Skimz SM253 is fitted with a Skimz DC10000 pump, one of the new Skimz DC skimmer pumps we saw earlier this year and the largest of the three models. So far Skimz is just teasing us with some pretty intriguing images and a YouTube video. We can assume these skimmers will be on the market in the next few weeks and will pass on pricing details as soon as we have it all.

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