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11 Mar 2013
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oslo beach
I bought a 2nd hand boyu skimmer but it's not making bubbles . When I started it it was just pumping through , then on Tuesday I was busy moving live rock in my sump then I bumped the skimmer the it started working fine .
Now today I switched the pump to do some maintenance on my tank then when I switched it on again the skimmer is not making bubbles . I do want to upgrade the skimmer but at the end of the month I just bought lr and other odds and ends for my tank so my budget is low this month.
Is there anything I can do in the meantime to get the skimmer to work ?
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Is the pump working?
Try blowing into the air intake,some skimmers can get confused sometime and need priming
No Bubbles.... No Air getting to the suction of the pump. Check the Air Tubing and Nipple on the Pump Suction to see if its not Clogged.
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