Skimmer height?

7 May 2007
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Hi All,
My cup is presently overflowing in my sump, didn't before, but at this stage the cup is literally shakin cause of the water flowing up to it, I have no idea if I should move the neck as high as possible, because previously the water never did that.
I have an Sk-200 Via Aqua.

What colour is the stuff going into the cup, if its just water then the level is too high and you need to drop the water level in the skimmer itself.
ive got the via aqua sk388,i found that it performs best with the water level sitting at the centre of the you still have the sponge on your outlet of the skimer snoek?
With that skimmer you could also try raising the whole skimmer in the sump, I find that helped quite a bit when I had one.
If it is overflowing badly the "air supply" is blocked, Are there bubbles in the skimmer? Or the air feed pipe is not deep enough into the pumps mouth.

PS off the subject slightly.. Adding two limewood airstones into the main cavity and using a good air pump gave me good skimmate, comparible to my AM1000 ;)
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