6 May 2007
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the slums
this site doesn't have a skim mate thread!!



2 days of skimming and lots of fiddling:)
Excellent skimmate production there phat.
Now thats the Dadaman of skimmers "bubble master".
Oneday when cars begin to fly.
Hey, isn't that the skimmer you're selling to me?
this site doesn't have a skim mate thread!!

2 days of skimming and lots of fiddling:)

Why the lots of fiddling, should be a plug and play. Which BM is that?
its the Bm250

for starters my water level was to low in my sump for the BM i had to raise that

and then it was fine tuning, never known a skimmer that didn't need to be???
Didn't have to tune my one in. The recomended depth for these skimmers is 20-25 cm. I use at 20cm at 25 the skimmate tends to be very wet.
highest i can get my water level with this sump is 18cm so its taken me some fiddling to get this monster to skim like that:)
Here is my very first skimmate ever.... quite proud of this. With modded Weipro skimmer in a 6 week old 80L nano.


Surgeons old am 1000. Five days skimmate :) nasty smelling stuff:

awsome skimmers but tend to run wet for no reason at times... im sure its got to do with the conical cup? but when they skim they skim properly....
Hey Galibore, glad to see that skimmer is finally skimming.
Tom that AM is skimming like a beast, what size system is it running?
There;s a very fine line between wet and dry with these AM 1000 skimmers. I tend to prefer the wet as when they skim dry the neck gets dirty before there is skimate in the cup
Hey Galibore glad to see that Skimmer of yours come to life ! Nice job.

Tom.. stop feeding that tank of yours Peroni already.. :lol:
Thanks guys. This skimmer is used to working hard. You should have seen it in Surgeons tank. My system is just 300l with three fish two sun corals and two softies and a frogspawn.
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