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8 May 2007
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Simplicity Aquatics, the same company that is offering some inexpensive protein skimmers, is also bringing to market some price-busting controllable DC pumps. There’s nothing inherently special about the new DC pumps from Simplicity Aquatics, they’re more or less the same relabeled Jebao DC pumps that you’ll find a lot of other brands’ name on.

But what you get from buying the Simplicity DC Pump is a two-year warranty and the kind of product support that you won’t get from a brown-box special purchased from some shadowy online retailer. Also, even though Simplicity Aquatics is selling their pumps at an unbeatable price, there’s also decent margins for retailers to stock and sell these in their stores.


Simplicity DC pumps are quite simply, the most affordable controllable water pumps you can get for aquarium use. Coming in three models, the Simplicity DC pump can crank out between 1,600 and 3,200 gallons per hour, and they do it for not a lot of money.

The Simplicity DC Pump 1600 pumps 1,600 gallons per hour for $119, the Simplicity DC Pump 2100 pushes 2,100 gph for $135 and the largest DC Pump 3200 from Simplicity Aquatics can move up to 3,200 gallons per hour for a paltry $169. No other pump even comes close to that kind of value and as much as we like high performing DC pumps with lots of bells and whistles, you could get two Simplicity DC Pumps for the cost of a comparable Vectra and still have money left over. [Simplicity Aquatics]
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