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8 May 2007
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A new aquarium company called Simplicity Aquatics is launching itself by giving away the few products that we know it to ‘make’. The Simplicity 120DC skimmer is another small-footprint skimmer with a controllable DC pump inside .

There are no details about the specs and performance of the skimmer but from its size and bland naming convention we gather that it is suitable for up to a 120 gallon reef tank. The design of the Simplicity 120DC couldn’t be any more ‘white label’ if it tried and it shares much styling similarity with AquaMaxx and JNS protein skimmer from Taiwan.

Regardless, the Simplicity 120DC uses a small model of controllable Jebao DC pump which should be more than enough oomph to make this skimmer clean a 120 gallon reef tank. And to celebrate the launch, Simplicity is offering this skimmer and a year’s worth of filter media just for helping to spread the word. [Simplicity]

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